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I visited the Lange Nacht der STARTUPS in Berlin. I watched out for concepts creating an own startup and experiences of people who already started a successful business. One of my favourite sessions there was User Driven Innovation- Tools, Experiences and an interactive Intro to Business Modeling.

Short and sweet

User Driven Innovation (UDI) describes a handy process to put an idea into a lightweight business model. You can find a more detailed explanation of the concept here.

Your benefit

With UDI you achieve your business model within a short period of time. You can make various iterations until you are pleased with your result.
Don’t forget to evaluate each iteration with your team and your customers.

The fundamental attitude of UDI

The following points build food for thought of being an “User Driven Innovator” ;).

– Understand what your customers need.
– Visualize your ideas.
– Provide them to your customers.
– Do an idea Workshop with your customers and evaluate the results of it.
– Give your customers a taste of your product.
– Think early about your business model.

Steps of UDI

To get deeper into your idea UDI provides five steps.

They showed me that the customer-base is a important key to push innovation.

Process Steps of UDI powered by T-Labs (last visit 08.08.2013)

1. Foresight
– Do a future workshop with your team.
– Analize scenerios where your idea can unfold its power.

2. Exploration & Ideation
– Find target groups could be interested in your idea.
– Discuss your idea with as many as possible people.
– Do an workshop with possible customers.
– Go on with ideation.
– Extract the innovation of your idea.

3. Selection
– Provide your product to your customers to gain experience an feedback of them.

4. Modelling
– Do the first iteration of your business model (showen in the next chapter).

5. UX Validation
 Evaluate your results.
– Test the usablity of your prototype.
– Do a field trial to get even more feedback.
– Go deeper and start again with the foresight.

So what you need for this approach to get a new product is.
– An idea
– The need of the customers
– A beloved concept
– A prototype

Creating your business model in 15 minutes

During the session we did an experiment crating a business model within 15 Minutes.

The scenerio was that a meteor crashed into earth and nearly everything was destroyed.- A kind of apocalypse, isn’t it? But we have Bertha, a cow trained to be an organic lawn mower! Now we had to find a business molde to make profit with her.
We were a team of three, having a lot of fun doing this job! Our funny solution can be seen below.

2013-09-07 21.31.55
The business model of an organic lawn mower

Business cow Bertha!

Please recognize that the result of this approach ist only the first iteration of your business model. Repeat it as many as you need to find the single point of true of your business.
Thanks for reading! Please let me know in the comments what you think about UDI.


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