#startupnight – Keynote: Mobile Data


I just arrived in Berlin at 10 o’clock, entered the location of Lange Nacht der

 STARTUPS and was received with the keynote about mobile data presented by Facebook. I get to know about the business culture of facebook. It was also a unique opportunity to hear from the experiences Facebook made with its apps in the past few years.

Bring in a hacking culture to your company

Facebook introduced itself as hacking company. In this place hacking means that every employee is invited to turn new ideas into innovation. So the company can continualy improve itself. This implies that facebook has a flat hierarchy of communication. So the implemantation of innvation can be done quite quick.

App referrals – Blessing and responsibility

Over 40 million daily users communicate over facebook. 60% of the accessors use their smart phone. No wondering that facebook gets over 263 million referrals over the App Store and Google Play. So they have to handle millions of customer feedback to look for issues they have to fix or ideas which they can implement.2013-09-07 10.06.16

This sample should make every aspiring entrepreneur thinking about her or his own feedback channels to the customers and how the can handel feedback or reply to requests in a reasonable period of time.

Facebook pushs business

Interesting facts mentioned during the keynote:

App-Market %-age of Apps in the Top 10 having a Facebook integration
Google Play 70%
App Store 81%

This may imply that a social integration makes your app even more successful. Of course you can use the whole ecosystem of Facebook making your users telling stories on facebook like this:

facebook story

In this way you can announce your app. You are also be abled to send targeted adverts to your users.

But first think about the usage of the social integration in your app. Be smart an provide a benefit to your users.

We may return back to native Apps

We made a wrong bed on HTML5

Facebook claimed a wrong decision by using HTML5 to develop new mobile apps. It was telled that lots of performance issues occured on mobile devices. That’s why they returned to develop native apps.  But what does that mean for us as startups? Shall we also program native apps for eacht type of device instead of publishing a responsive web-app?

What do you think about facebooks strategy to develop native apps again? Do you also think that HTML5 needs further time to be used for mobile apps? Maybe we should differentiate between small apps and enterprise apps…


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Gregor Woiwode ist Angestellter der heco GmbH, wo er als Sofwareentwickler und Trainer tätig ist. Sein Fokus liegt in der Erstellung von Webportalen mit dem .NET- und Angular-Framework. Von 2007 bis 2010 studierte er Telekommunikationsinformatik an der Hochschule für Telekommunikation in Leipzig und schloss den Studiengang als Bachelor of Engineering ab. Derzeit studiert er im Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik um die Auszeichnung Master of Science zu erhalten.

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