#startupnight – How I became a business teen

At Lange nacht der STARTUPS a speaker mentioned that each startup is a kind of teenager.

You do not know who you are, what you do and what you will be.

So, once more I became a teenager, nice! To grow up I visited many sessions to gain experience of successful entrepreneurs. One of them is  Asaf Moses one of the founders of UPcload. He introduced his company by showing a promotion video…

After that Asaf telled us a lot about acceptence problems of customers and how we can avoid them. Thanks Asaf for that great session!

Pitfalls of startups

– Ignoring the voice of the customers
Like Simon Sinek said before: “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”. Just think about how you can envolve your customers to get useful feedback of your product idea. You may have a look at User Driven Innovation which integrates your customers at the beginning of finding your business model.

– Technology first, acceptance later
Besides the techology issues has to be solved a young startup also should think early about the acceptance of the customers. The more you do to attract your users, the more turnover you will have.

– The believe in hype & wishful assumptions
As entrepreneur you love your idea and your product. This is one prerequisite for innovation. But always rembember that others might have another point of view to your product. Don’t stylize your product to a sure-fire success though you don’t know what it will be.

Avoid pitfalls and find your center of true!

There are various methods to avoid the pitfalls mentioned before. They allow you to come back to your core

+ Think about t the main story of your business.
+ Do the most simplest thing you can do.
+ Connect yourself with journalists and industry players.
+ Make the customer saying yes to your product.- Raise acceptance!
+ Reach hearts and minds (emotional Moments)
+ Focus on the core functionality of your product.
+ Draw every screen and function of your product prototype.
+ Create clickable and believable mock-ups.
+ Look for designers who can turn your mock-ups into reality.
+ Test and discuss your new prototype with your team and your customers.

After doing this simply start again and improve your prototype. So you will see quickly if your idea works 🙂 or not :(.

Once again

I thank you very much for reading my articles. Please feel free to send me additions and tips to avoid business pitfalls.


[1] LANGE NACHT DER STARTUPS (last visit 09.09.13)
[2] PIVOT YOUR WAY TO BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR by Asaf Moses (last visit 09.09.13)


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