Ten thoughts raising productivity

Once I read about ten failures made by compnies destroying productivity [1]. This post is great and I took these points to frame ten short guiding points you can take to think about raising your productivity.

  1. Take care about a quiet working environment.
  2. Avoid unnecessary disruptions.
  3. Your colleagues should be allowed to decline unnecessary meetings.
  4. Ensure the work & live balance of your employees.
  5. Bad bosses are untolerated!
  6. Provide adequate tools to your employees.
  7. Live communication!
  8. Provide flexible schedules.
  9. Think about inducements raising the motivation of your employees.
  10. Define and discuss your vision and your goals.

Watch out! These points do not match certainly to  the article [1]. I put my own perspective in it. 😉


[1]  http://timemanagementninja.com/2013/02/10-mistakes-companies-make-that-destroy-employee-productivity/ (last visit 29th of September 2013)


Gregor Woiwode ist Angestellter der heco GmbH, wo er als Sofwareentwickler und Trainer tätig ist. Sein Fokus liegt in der Erstellung von Webportalen mit dem .NET- und Angular-Framework. Von 2007 bis 2010 studierte er Telekommunikationsinformatik an der Hochschule für Telekommunikation in Leipzig und schloss den Studiengang als Bachelor of Engineering ab. Derzeit studiert er im Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik um die Auszeichnung Master of Science zu erhalten.

3 thoughts on “Ten thoughts raising productivity

  1. Funny, at my current job almost every one of this points is matched and yet I am very unproductive. At my previous job almost no points matched and yet I was very productive

    1. Wow,

      that sounds like an amazing story!
      What are youre experiences raising productivity.

      Can you explain why the mentioned points did not work for you?
      What changes did you make to become productive again?

      Kind Regards

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